red nose day

I recently had the pleasure of directing, illustrating and animating the national advertising campaign for Red Nose Day 2021 in Belgium (Rode Neuzen Dag). The campaign is to highlight the charities work in training new teachers in schools across Belgium to spot the first signs of children struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

I was contacted by the team at at-thetable to direct and animate an advert based on this concept, using the ideas of superheroes and sidekicks to represent the support between teachers and students. The ad will be playing on national television in Belgium as well as in cinemas. It is also complimented by large scale illustrations of the characters in print.

• Client : Rode Neuzen Dag
• Contacts : Kristien Merckaert, Nathalie Thilleman, Calogero Macaluso
• Agency : at-thetable
• CD : Sebastien Van Reet
• Creation : Els Verhofstede
• Creation : Maike Borms
• Strategy Director : Jorian Vanvossel
• Account Manager : Renaat Delporte
• Account Executive : Ines Dhont
• Art Buyer : Karen Strypens
• Director : Jason Edmunds
• Illustration : Jason Edmunds
• Animation : Jason Edmunds
• Musical Supervisor : Mikey Sluman
• Composer : Ben Crick
• Conductor : Ben Crick
• Music : The Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra
• Sound Technician : David Rose
• Graphic Designer : Valérie De Clercq
• Radio Company : Brandy